Studio headshot female long, dark hair smiling looking at you wavy hair with highlightsLet’s pretend you don’t have a clue who I am or what
I’m about and make this as entertaining as possible so
you’ll want to meet me in person. I’m 5’4” and not
about to tell you how much I weigh. Even if I weighed
110 pounds, I wouldn’t tell you. Boring brown eyes, too.
I have an identical twin, Tammy, who runs the studio
office and our birthday is April Fool’s Day. We were
born back in the day when our parents had no clue there
were two of us until our mom was in labor and couldn’t
get ‘the’ baby out. Based on the pictures that survived
my mother’s pregnancy, we see it was very clear there
were two babies in that belly. She had quite the bright

I have three absolutely, positively, perfect, divine creations from the awesome Man above. They rock my world every day and are the biggest accomplishment in my life, thus far. Oh, and they are all girls, too.

I’m married to my high school sweetheart. I met him when I was 14 years old, and even though we broke up a few times, we walked down the aisle 10 years after he asked me ‘to go with him’ in the high school cafeteria after school. He has the best sense of humor, is a mix of introvert and extrovert, and leaves a positive mark wherever he goes. If I may say so, I’m often told he is hot, too. He has the kind of laugh that makes you happy when you hear it and his eyes are very sexy. Basically, I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for him (and God of course). I love him with all my heart.

Here are a few other facts about me…when I die and an autopsy is performed, they will find Bon Jovi written on my heart. It’s located on the top front, just off to the right a little to be exact. I hate the winter and extreme heat makes me sick (not literally). I like the in-between – spring and fall. Sunny days make me happy. I love jewelry. Don’t need the expensive kind. In fact, I prefer the fake stuff so I don’t feel bad if I lose it. Massages are the best. It should be the law that everyone gets them! Comedians should be on a pedestal. They have the best gift God created. Laughter is healthy. I love to say I was born in Detroit, Michigan of the United States of America. I’m patriotic of both the ‘D’ and the USA. I’m proud of my roots. Love random acts of kindness. You should try it. Tammy and I did a bunch for our birthday years back and it was the best one yet. There’s a work Kelly and a weekend Kelly. In fact, it was a client-turned-friend I hung out with at a concert who told me this. I liked the sound of it ever since. It’s not a bad thing at all, but I have a different audience rating when I’m not at work. I’m obsessed with spending time with my husband and kids and I’ve seen Pretty Woman over 100 times, no lie. I have a degree in Communication from Central Michigan University (go Chips). I’m a total people-person. I enjoy my job and continue my education as a photographer everyday. The investment in my studio is constant for new props, equipment & cameras. I look forward to creating timeless portraits for you. See you soon.

One last thing…I have this thing for chocolate….

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