Snowball 2018 – Bishop Foley Catholic High School Madison Heights Michigan

My girls!!! Last night was the Bishop Foley Catholic High School Snowball dance and this time, it was Priscilla’s very first boy/girl dance. Adorable. Took her a while to ask the ‘boy’ since it was a sadies-style dance, but two days before, she finally did. Of course she has yet to be confident that Dave and I are not ridiculous parents and people to be embarrassed about, but in the end, she got tame and was happy we were there for the sake of pictures <3 Isabella has no fear of us and thinks we are somewhat cool. Pretty compliment for a teenager, right?

The weather was crappy, shocker…we live in Michigan, and now that I’m a parent of a new driver, I have a lot of miniature heart attacks and strokes daily. Someone once told me, ‘the smaller they are, the smaller the problem and the bigger they are, the bigger the problem.’ I understand that more and more each day as they get bigger and bigger.

Hope all of the Foley Ventures had a great time last night! For anyone looking for a great school, check out Foley here: AWESOME PRIVATE SCHOOL


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