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When in Florida, a photographer is going to do what she does in her home state…

I took only a handful senior portraits of my darling Isabella last year, just before I took my leave. It was far from what I had planned, especially the timing. I spent way too much time being mad at myself and feeling like I jipped my kid who is so much more deserving than what she got, but I always trust God’s plan.

While on my road to healing, it was my awesome husband’s suggestion that I photograph Isabella in Florida so I used his great idea and took a few. Of course I had to photograph her sisters, but it was not the original plan and definitely a last minute shopping night to get what we needed for them. Fair is fair since I dropped the ball on everything last year including my Christmas cards so I was going to make up for it (at least for myself).

I have smiles of my girls all over my house, but this time, the 60×40 is serious and I adore it. Everything works out in the end when you trust God <3

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