Little girl in the studio – Kids photography Shelby Twp, Macomb, Auburn Hills Michigan

I adore this family and love photographing the kids. One of the most photogenic families I have ever met in my career, too. Mom has the biggest heart – I love catching up with her every time.

Clients are not just clients to me…I think about them often well beyond the aspect of business. So many families I look forward to catching up with because we’ve grown up together and it’s not just their lives I know about – they know mine. I’m grateful to have a job that gives me so much human interaction. I don’t know what I would do if I were locked up in a room from 9 to 5 without someone to talk to. I was born an introvert and plan on going out as one 🙂

Thank you, always, for choosing our studio to capture memories of your beautiful children – Kelly xo

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