The Joy of 38 Random Acts of Kindness – Oakland Township

I knew setting out to do this would require a lot of planning, even with the help of my twin sister, but I underestimated it. I also knew the good deeds would make me feel good, too, but again, I didn’t realize how great the feelings would be.

We gave out slips of paper (almost every time) to the receiver(s) which said it was our 38th birthday and we chose you for a random act of kindness. Thank you for celebrating our day with us followed by our names and this blog address just in case anyone questioned the authenticity of the act of kindness. We wanted cushion in case anyone questioned our acts. We figured some recipients may have a slight fear at first that they were being taken for something other than an act of kindness, but we’re happy to report that nobody appeared to be ‘leary’ of our deeds or intentions, rather, shocked and happy.

Here’s the map of our birthday and RAOK:

Act 1: donated to the volunteers collecting on the side of the road for the mentally handicapped. A big shout out to the volunteers for putting themselves out there for the good of others.

Act 2: McDonald’s gift certificates to random strangers. I gave mine to the family behind me and Tammy gave hers to a driver sitting in the drive-thru.

Act 3: Donation to the local Leader Dogs for the Blind.

Acts 4 & 5: Collected random carts at Meijer and gave balloons to kids at the store checking out with their parents.

Acts 6 & 7: Delivered flowers and cookies to the staff of my SIL’s group home for the mentally handicapped where she resides and brought chocolate to the residents.

Act 8: Donations to the Rainbow Connection (Michigan wish granter for sick children).

Act 9: Generous tip at a local donut shop.

Act 10: Donuts to the local Rochester Police Station.

Act 11: Bought ice cream for Dairy Queen patrons.

Act 12: Donuts to the local Rochester Hills Fire Station.

Act 13: Flowers and prayers for the departed laid to rest at a local cemetery. We had no idea our relative was laid to rest at this cemetery. Tammy had been looking for Robby Atherton ever since the foundation created in his loving memory granted Angelina’s wish to Disney World. For those of you not familiar, Angelina is Tammy’s daughter who was diagnosed with ALL Leukemia in March 2009 and completed over two years of chemo through Children’s Hospital in Detroit. She has been in remission and is doing great. Staff for the cemetery was not available when she went to verify his place at the cemetery, nor were they there yesterday. We found him, not long after looking and Tammy was amazed as she has tried in the past without any luck. I remained quiet as she bowed her head in prayer for him. It was a great moment for me to see her finally find him.

Act 14 & 15: Multiple gift certificates to shoppers at Hollywood Market. The cashier witnessed my purchase followed by my handoff to the woman in line behind me. It was a great feeling to hear them both awe from the act of kindness. I have to share an email I received from this woman as well:

Thank you Kelly and Tammy! What a delightful surprise to have you hand me a gift card at Hollywood. You are right, your Mom is so special to have raised such beautiful (in spirit and looks) daughters. God Bless You.

P.S. You’ve inspired me to “pass it on”. I shall do the same out of the blue one day soon. It is a wonderful lift for both the giver and the receiver.

Thank you, Judy! You have no idea how good YOU made Tammy and me feel in return!

Acts 16 & 17: More random cart collecting at Kroger and helping load groceries in cars. One family was stunned, but in a great way when we asked if we good load their car.

Acts 18 – 25: Cookies to eight separate nursing stations at Crittenton Hospital in Rochester. When asking for nursing station locations, it turns out the woman assisting us recognized my name as the photographer who photographed her grandchildren. What a small world!

Act 26: “Excuse me. I’d like to take care of that today.” Paying for patron’s coffee at a local coffee shop.

Our families joined us at this point to participate in our RAOK at this point.

Acts 27 & 28: Book donations to the Rochester Library and coins taped to the vending machine for people in need of ‘extra’ change. We were done and my daughter found a quarter in her pocket. She insisted we tape it up there with the rest. That’s my girl, Priscilla!

Acts 29 – 35: Donuts for the staff at an assisted living center and six bouquets for random residents in the dining are. The room lit up as we entered it with our six children walking around passing out the flowers. Just the look on their faces because of our presence was heart-filling.

Acts 36 & 37: Passed out winning instant lottery scratch offs we had yet to cash in (we received for our birthday) to random people pumping gas at the station. Pumped gas for a driver as well.

Act 38: Passed out random gift certificates at PetSmart for patrons.

Final Act: Time to be kind to our bellies so we pigged out at a local Mexican restaurant and wore sombreros.

We’d like to thank everyone for allowing us to be kind to them. In today’s society, it’s not easy to be approached by two strangers offering the greater good without any hesitation. Such a shame, but hopefully with the effort of many others to be kind, we can change the way our world is currently at.

Tammy and I said this was the best birthday yet. We’d love to do it again, but we learned that random acts of kindness should be a daily thing. It does not have to be expensive to be kind to others, although, that happens to be where the biggest surprise lies within a reaction from the receiver.

Remember, be kind to others!!!!


  • Maria Lisa - April 2, 2012 - 12:42 pm

    This is wonderful….sounds like you really made a lot of peoples day! God bless you both!ReplyCancel

  • Mom - August 28, 2013 - 12:48 am

    To My Diamonds in the rough,
    I am so proud and always will be for the beautiful gifts God gave me on April Fools Day! Words just aren’t enough to express the privilege I’ve been given for caring for you on your earthly journey. It’s been my pleasure all the way!
    Eternally yours,
    Mom xoxoReplyCancel

  • Natalie Hajji - February 6, 2014 - 1:31 pm

    Wow! Good for both of you. We NEED more people like you in this world. You have definitely inspired me ;) NatalieReplyCancel

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