My baby girls – Utica Michigan Photographer

It’s been a while since I photographed my baby girls and it’s about time I did!!!

As usual, we had fun. We hung out in the studio on my day off and enjoyed eachother, the shoot and playing around with a few new things. I photographed each one in one outfit and they took turns. That’s how we roll on our end…no fuss, keep it simple. I can easily overwhelm myself when I do this, so keeping it easy is the best thing for me. Although I don’t photograph them often, I will usually photograph them again at Christmas and one other time during the year for new stuff. Doesn’t sound like much, but I do take boatloads while photographing each shoot.

They are sadly growing up too fast. Each year that passes, I remind myself to slow down, take a deeper breath, embrace today and appreciate them as they are right now. I love them so much!!!

BTW, the hair pieces came from the It’s So Me Boutique in Downtown Utica. Ask for Jen when you stop in there. And my Priscilla, the last series of pics with the dog, is wearing an outfit I purchased from there. LOVE it and Priscilla didn’t want to take it off that day!

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