First day of school – Lake Orion Michigan Photographer

How in the world is it possible that the first day has arrived?

I drove away, just out of the parking lot and was sad. My littlest one never looked back, never cried, never asked me to stay or when was I coming back. My middle one took off with my oldest one after the first bell and I caught up with Priscilla and helped her unload the giant backpack. I went on to look for my oldest and couldn’t find her as they switch classes now. I didn’t want to embarrass her that I was looking in the classrooms so I left.

I called my husband followed by my twin sister. I cried both times and just vented to say I missed my babies. I miss their days of babyhood, but I’m enjoying the memories we’re making today. I just want to freeze time forever right now and have them the ages they are where they will always need me to some extent.

I love you girls with my whole heart and soul and hope this is your best year yet in school! And I forgot to mention the girls had grandma power first thing in the morning to see them off. Lucky and blessed girls I tell ya…

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